Alan Jones leaves Sky News Australia. Why are people surprised?

Alan Jones leaves Sky News Australia

Radio and TV anchor, Alan Jones left Sky News Australia.

Sky News Australia has made a collaboration with British media personality, Piers Morgan.

Jones announced on Facebook that Sky News Australia wasn’t renewing his contract for his nightly show.


Was he sacked?

Was Alan Jones sacked? It depends on perspective.

The Guardian Australia wrote that Jones was “dumped” due to disappointing ratings.

However, Guardian Australia acknowledged that Jones was offered a contract for a weekly show on Foxtel app, Flash.

Jones reportedly turned the offer down.

Andrew Bolt: “Alan was not sacked”

Andrew Bolt offers a heartfelt farewell to Alan Jones

Last week, Andrew Bolt gave Jones a heartfelt farewell. Bolt clearly has a lot of respect for Jones, as did his guest, TheAustralian’s Sophie Elsworth.

Bolt strongly claimed Jones “was not sacked”. 

Jones’ controversies

Jones’ critics conclusion Sky News Australia dumped Jones isn’t totally unfounded. His career was littered with controversies.

In the years following September 11, tensions mounted between Muslims and non – Muslims. Jones’ commentary didn’t help.

In April 2005, Jones went on a tirade against Lebanese-Muslim Australians. He described them as “vermin” who “rape and pillage”. 

A few months later, tensions boiled over and a riot erupted in Cronulla in Sydney’s south. 

Keyser Trad brought Alan Jones to the NSW Decisions Tribunal. In 2009, the tribunal awarded Trad A$10,000 in damages. Trad also demanded an apology.

In 2012,  Jones attacked then – Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. After Gillard lost her father, Jones barked that he “died of shame”. After backlash, including from his supporters, Jones apologised.

More recently, Jones caused outrage with his views on COVID-19. In July, 2GB’s Ray Hadley attacked Jones for suggesting an autopsy be carried out on a 27-year-old covid victim.

 Hadley, slammed Jones as “ill – informed”. He also slammed Sky News Australia and its CEO Paul Whittaker for letting it Jones’ comments go to air.

Jones’ controversial comments about covid didn’t stop there. He repeatedly compared covid to the flu and championed controversial treatments, such as Ivermectin.  It sparked YouTube to ban Sky News Australia for uploading their videos for a week. Shortly after that, the Daily Telegraph stopped publishing his columns.


While Alan Jones was a talented presenter, he was also a liability to the media companies he worked for. Through hyperbole and misinformation, Jones repeatedly put his employers in a tough position. 

He cost his employers money, and reputation. While not sacking Jones outright, I believe they deliberately gave Jones an offer he could refuse. 



Alan Jones is beyond retirement age

Let’s put the culture wars aside. Alan Jones is 80. That’s way beyond the average retirement age. I’m not saying Jones should have left Sky News Australia. But it was going to happen at some point.

Let younger people in the media

In the past, people have called out the media for ageism, especially against women.

Audiences have slammed Channel 10 and Prime7 for  letting go of middle age women and replacing them with yonger women or men. Speculations were rampant that ageism and sexism were at play. (The women were in their 40’s or early 50’s at the time).

To me, Jones’ situation different. Like I said, Jones is way beyond retirement age. So, why can’t someone younger take his spot. Give a new and younger presenter the mic!


Love or hate him, Alan Jones had a big impact in Australian media. He always let his views known. He resonated with many Australians.


But everything comes to an end; including careers. And it seems like this was Alan Jones’ time.

What do you think of Alan Jones? Are you a fan? Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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