Let’s spread some positivity on social media!

On Saturday, I wrote a blog post saying that I wanted to start a positive social media campaign. Well, I have; #positivityneededproject.

I started this campaign as a result of the emotional and fierce same – sex marriage campaign. Plus, anyone who looks at the news lately, everything so tense.

So why not lighten the mood?

So, I decided to change focus. I wanted to spread a little bit of happiness and positivity on social media. I’ve started by looking up and posting positive quotes. Here’s one:

I’ve also quoted some lyrics that I find empowering:

Arch enemy lyrics in meme


So, show me what you’ve got! Join the campaign to spread some cheer on social media.


Wanting spread a bit of positivity

It’s an intense and emotional time for members of the  LGBTQ+ community in Australia at the moment. So, I thought I’d spread some positivity and encouragement on social media, notably my Cherrybomb Media Facebook page, Twitter, (@sara_harnetty) and Pinterest. I think many of us need it.