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Prince Harry hits back at media over treatment of Meghan Markle.

I’m not a monarchist per se. However, I have been quite disgusted at the treatment of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

From the start, the – now Duchess’ life has been a media circus, especially with reports of her estranged father and half – sister.

Then, earlier this year, the Duchess of Sussex was slammed for “diva” behaviour at a Wimbledon tennis match. She sparked outrage when photos circulated the media surrounded by empty seats.

The only criticism I do get is the private jet/ climate change controversy. Last month Prince Harry and Meghan went to a Google – hosted climate change summit and then flew in eleven private jets while on holiday. That did make the climate change cause look like class warfare rather than actually preserving the planet.

Prince Harry vs. Dailymail UK

Daily Mail web page on tablet screen
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Things have boiled over between the royals and the media. The Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry have decided to sue DMG Media, owners of DailyMail and MailOnline.

Last Sunday, the Duke and Duchess threatened to sue Daily Mail/ Mail Online parent company, DMG Media. The company is accused of breaching copyright after using a handwritten letter addressed to Markle’s father , Thomas Markle. The claim is DMG Media deliberately took passages of the letter without permission.

A spokesman for DMG media vehemently denies the accusations.

Markle, the media and Princess Diana

This is deeply personal for Prince Harry. He has linked the treatment his wife to that of his late mother, Princess Diana.

I lost my mother and now, I watch my wife falling victim to the same powerful forces.

He has expressed fears that history was repeating itself.

The media and Princess Diana’s death

I was only a eight when Princess Diana died in 1997. Back then, I wasn’t aware of the aftermath.

However, I have come to know about some of the fall out that the royal family and media faced. Since Prince William got married to Princess Catherine, the royal family has been quite protective of her.

The Duchess of Cambridge has hit back at tabloids. In 2017, she successfully sued French tabloid, Closer over topless photos taken of her. She was awarded €100,000 (A$162,163.03). The magazine editor and publisher were fined another €45,000 (A$72,972).

Yes, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are royals and public figures. But I think that the media need to be careful and not allow history to repeat itself.

Everyone has got to remember that Prince Harry is now a dad

The timing of Prince Harry’s attack on the media isn’t really surprising. He’s a father to four-month- old, Archie. So much more is at stake for him now. I’m sure parents everywhere can relate to the intense desire to protect their children and their spouses/ partners. Surely journalists and tabloid photographers understand that, too.


According to the ABC, Harry is also going after the owner of the Sun and Daily Mail over alleged phone hacking. Some in British media have lamented that Prince Harry has declared ‘war’ on the media.


I’ve started writing on Medium

I’ve just published my first article on Medium. It’s just a bit of an introduction into my history of writing.

My plan for Medium (at least for now), is to write about my journey here: my successes, my frustrations and any advice I can give.

Here is my profile link if you’re interested.

Anyone else on the platform? Any advice would be much appreciated.


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100 followers reached

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I’ve reached a milestone I set for myself earlier than what I aimed for. My aim was to try and get 100 followers (that’s WP, email, Facebook page followers, Twitter and Pinterest combined) before my birthday (25 March).

I realised today that I have made it. Yay! Thank you so much for everyone’s support. Now, next aim: 200. My dream is 1,000+. 10% of the way there.


Thank you to all who are supporting this blog. 😘


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Why do some men become motor cycle gang members? Herald Sun has found out.

In 2012, Channel 10 ran a mini series, Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms. It was based on Sandra Harvey and Lindsay’s book of the same name. It chronicled one of the most infamous crimes in Australian history – the Father’s Day Milperra Massacre.

Loyalty was everything

‘Patched’ members (full member of a gang with logo emblazoned on their jackets and vests), were expected to be loyal to the club. Anyone who was kicked out, or chose to leave a bikie club had to leave the lifestyle altogether.

Broken loyalty has been proven to have deadly consequences. It was a major factor in the Milperra Massacre between the Commancheros and Australia’s first chapter of the Bandidos.

On Thursday (10 January 2019), Melbourne’s Herald Sun did an interesting article on why men join motorcycle gangs and how they’ve changed over the decades.

Who are most likely to join motorcycle gangs and why?

Former police officer and co – author, Duncan McNab offered some insight into the personalities and backgrounds of would – be motorcycycle gang members. These included a rough childhood and involvement in juvenile crime. I couldn’t help but notice that the formerr gang member that was interviewed, Steve Utah, also killed his brother’s pet mouse when he was around eleven, (animal cruelty in childhood, can be a warning sign of an anti- social personality disorder in adulthood.

Traditionally, men who have wanted to join motorcycle gangs do so for the loyalty and brotherhood. While some men still seek commeraderie, motorcycle gangs have been more interested in businesses including prostitution, illicit drugs and tattoo parlours. The battle over illegal drug trade has seen extreme violence between rival gangs.


Content/ trigger warning: this part of the post mentions extreme violence and may be distressing or triggering to readers. Please proceed with caution.

While Australia or other countries haven’t seen an event like the Milperrra Massacre again, bikie clubs around the world have been embroiled in fierce violence.

These acts of violence include, shootings, affray (brawling) and acts of torture resulting in death. The biggest change from the seventies and eighties is that rather than loyalty, money is a major cause for much of the brutal violence.

Reactions from governments and law enforcement

Governments have tried to crack down on motorcycle gangs. In 2013, former Queensland Premier introduced a number of State laws that placed restrictions that limited the way bikies move and meet.

While the laws passed, the Newman Government recieved opposition from the Labor opposition leader, Annastacia Palaszczuk and human rights groups. Bob Katter requested amendments to protect law – abiding bikies, but the suggestions were rejected.

In 2017, the ACT introduced laws that gave police investigating bikie – related crimes more powers. Under the laws, a property where an alleged drive – by shooting or bombing had ocurred, police could declare the private property a crime scene without a warrant or cooperation from people involved.

Has the war on bikies been won?

Going by the article I talked about above, the answer is arguably no. They’re still

In 2015, Terry Goldsworthy wrote a skeptical analysis in The Conversation. He argued that there was a lack of consensus on what ‘success’ meant in combatting bikie – related crime. Healso pointed out that, in fact, most bike club members are not involved inncrime. According to Australian Crime Commission data from 2014, less than half (40%) of bikie club members have a criminal record.


While I don’t downplay crimes that bikies have been involved in, it doesn’t seem ro be the motive for many of them. Maybe the brotherhood and comraderie that men are craving is still a major factor.

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Patreon defends Sargon of Akkad ban

Patreon home page

Patreon responded to backlash after banning YouTuber, Sargon of Akkad (Carl Benjamin).

Canadian psychologist, Jordan Peterson posted screenshots of Patreon’s defence of Benjamin’s ban on Twitter.

Jordan Peterson shares Patreon’s statement amid backlash after Sargon of Akkad ban

The above explanation from Patreon begins by reinforcing its condemnation of hate speech. (which is stated in their Community Guidelines. They allege that Akkad used racial and homophobic slurs when addressing the group.

After reading the statement, here is my conclusion. While Akkad used slurs against white supremacists (and, quite possibly homophobes, too), in using the slurs, Akkad, possibly unintentionally reinforced the idea that people of colour and the LGBTQ+ community are inferior.

Was Sargon of Akkad really guilty of hate speech?

When I first heard about Akaad’s ban, the exact reason why wasn’t clear to me. Now that I know a little context, here is my take. If Akkad was expressong agreement with the white supremacists, then yes, that would be appalling. However, if the statements were ironic and Akkad was simply using their bigotry against the white supremacists, then Patreon jumped the gun.

Should Akkad have had his account pulled?

Should’ve Patreon shut down Sargon of Akkad? Here’s why it’s a concern. Free speech aside, Patreon has become a way in which independent vloggers, artists and writers, etc can potentially make a living from their work. So, the question becomes, does Patreon have the right to cut a revenue stream from one of their creators? Therefore, the question becomes, a person’s career be thrown under the bus ecause of one piece of content when the intention is questionable?

Wouldn’t it be better to let patrons protest by pulling their support? Honestly, I think it’d be a better way.

Aside from potential patrons, as I said in a previous post, one thing I’ve comw to admire about the U.S. is how their First Amendment has created a culture of debate, especially on YouTube. I have no doubt that Kyle Kulinski or The Young Turks or David Pakman would smack down any bigoted or otherwise outrageous claims.

Backlash against Patreon continues

A number of Patreon creators have revolted and voluntarily closed down their accounts in revolt. Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson have left Patreon and used other means of raising revenue, such as Bitcoin.

Will this controversy cause Patreon to backtrack, like they did after introducing fees? Only time will tell.

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Patreon joins social media giants on purging content creators

Screenshot of Patreon home page
Patreon follows other social media platforms and has closed the accounts of a number of content creators

Popular crowdfunding site, Patreon has caused alarm after a number of creators had their accounts removed. Accusations against creators have been hate speech and links to violent or illegal groups.

The first one I heard about was controversial film maker/ commentator, Lauren Southern. She had her Patreon account shut down after allegedly being found out for supporting Defend Europe and the charity HOPE, not Hate. According to Canada Landshow, Southern was informed that her actions with Defend Europe were likely ‘to cause loss of life’. HOPE Not Hate have recently cut ties with Defending Europe. 

Formers2 Breitbart Editor, Milo Yiannopoulos has also had his account shut down. The reason Patreon gave was Yiannopoulos’ involvement with Proud Boys, the extreme right – wing anti – immigration group.

YouTuber Sargon of Akkad (real name Carl Benjamin) has lost his Patreon account after using a racial slur in a video. However, according to Kyle Kulinski, the context was not considered, as Benjamin was apparently addressing a white supremacist group and NOT attacking people of colour. I’ve never personally watched any of Sargon videos, but it seems to me that Patreon jumped the gun on this one.

Social media scourge: who is really being targeted?

Progressive and conservative commentators have criticised social media, especially Twitter and Facebook for deleting accounts without satisfactory reason.

Both suspect a deliberate attack on people due to their views. Conservatives believe they’re the ones being purged, especially Twitter. However, progressives blame the mainstream media meddling, along with politicians and other institutions to silence dissenting voices. One issue of contention, for example, is the U.S’ involvement in the Middle East. Secular Talk’s Kyle Kulinski has accused Twitter of bending over to Saudi shareholders and censoring critics of Israel, supporters of Palestine and Iran.

Swcular Talk episode from late August: Kyle Kulinski confemns Raitter overr cwnsorship and Saudi interference

Patreon as an income source

In my opinion what Patreon has done is more concerning than other social media bans. Simple reason is that Patreon allows independent artists, commentators, etc to generate income. Southern, Sargon of Akkad and Yiannopoulos have suddenly had that source of income taken from them.

Whether you agree with the people mentioned above or not, if a crime hasn’t been committed or encouraged, as someone who wants to somehow make writing, including this blog as a part of my career, I find this move from Patreon concerning. Artists, independent writers, videographers, etc should be able to try making their passion into a sustainable career.

What’s a better way?

It’s best for people to be able to say what they want, allow people to support them, and, more importantly, allow opponents to debate them. While Secular Talk and similar YouTube channels exist, justice can prevail. People will be able to hear opposing views. Different communities can be assured that at least someone with a platform and influence has their back.

Also, I encourage others to speak up and defend themself and others if need be. If you are a person of colour, then use your words to attack racial prejudice. If you a writer or content maker and a part of the LGBTQ+ community, speak up against bigotry. When you feel you can’t, rest assured that there are allies that definitely will.


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I’m back

I’m back, I’m back, I’m back. So sorry for the hiatus. I’ve just been in the process of moving, so haven’t had time to do much researching or blogging for the past few weeks.

Now, back into it! I’ve got a few ideas I want to write about, so watch this space!

Thank you for your patience and sticking by me. It means a lot. 🙂