LGBTQ+ rights conflated with paedophilia… again

Article from Humans are free accusing the UN of 'normalising pedophilia'

When will people get it?

Far – right and allegedly conspiracy theorist website, Humans are free have accused the UN of normalising pedophilia and legitimising sexual abuse. What gave them that idea? Let’s pause for a moment and let’s see if you can guess…

Yep! Humans are free are accusing the UN for legitimising pedophilia because of their fights for LGBTQ+ rights and condemnation anti – LGBTQ+ violence around the world. The article also alluded to transgender people being able to use public toilets that align with their gender identity being a risk to children.

Arguably, the UN could be accused of hypocrisy, considering that LGBTQ+ people can be executed in countries like Saudi Arabia, a member of the UNHRC. And many dictatorial regimes also condemn LGBTQ+ people. But what I object to is the never – ending linking of LGBTQ+ people and pedophilia. No, most LGBTQ+ people don’t have an attraction to children! While people in the 1970’s and 1980’s  claimed there was a link between gay men and child abuse, ‘studies’ used to support these claims have been debunked.

Pro LGBTQ+ organisations have repeatedly condemned the notion that they want to legitimise and condone pedophilia. Two of the latest examples that I’ve come across of far – right activists trying to smear LGBTQ+ people is the (false) news that Minor Attracted Persons (MAPs) have a pride flag and are accepted by the LGBTQ+ community. This caused  outrage on social media from members of the LGBTQ+ community. They vehemently deny any link or any acceptance from the LGBTQ+ community. and from a year ago, the myth of ‘clovergender’; when someone allegedly identifies as a person younger than they are in a bid to get close to and assault children. This, too, has proven to be false.

Why this is important?

Frankly, I almost class these accusations as a form of slander. If these accusations were aimed at another group, including Christians, there would be an outcry. Why do LGBTQ+ people have to put up with these claims again, again and again?

It’s no surprise that stigma and discrimination can harm a person in multiple ways. It can affect a person’s mental health, ability to work and their ability to form healthy romantic and non – romantic relationships.

Studies in the US have found that in many of the major cities, LGBTQ+ people make up nearly half (40%) of youth homelessness. This is despite the fact that they make up less than 10% of the population. There is also the studies worldwide that claim that LGBTQ+ people have higher rates of mental health issues and suicide. I have written about these many times before. This, no doubt, would put strain on the mental health system, including phone counseling services. But that’s not all.

The World Economic Forum argues that stigma also affects workplaces and national economies, with results in loss of productivity and higher rates of unemployment and poverty.

The New York Times

The article also accuses US newspaper/ online publication, New York Times for stating that pedophilia should not be a crime. What the article actually says is not that simple.

Associate Professor, Margo Kaplan wrote that pedophilia should be seen as a mental disorder. That is, the sexual attraction to children should be treated like any mental disorder (to Kaplan’s credit, she didn’t say ‘sexual orientation’). Kaplan argued that this will prevent child sexual abuse by pedophiles.

She also claimed that pedophiles should be protected under anti – discrimination law. Again, she argues that this will help prevent offending. Like other disability exemptions in US disability/ mental illness anti – discrimination acts, schools would be able to discriminate against a person who has attraction to minors.

Kaplan also lamented at the fact that most pedophiles are only offered rehabilitation in the aftermath of a a sexual offence (or a number of offences) against children have already being committed. She believes early intervention can help prevent some of these crimes. Needless to say, this has NOTHING to do with the LGBTQ+ community.


I will continue writing posts about this when I feel I need to. These smears need to be dealt with and stopped. Enough’s enough.


Music News Opinion/Commentary

Happy birthday, Joan Jett!

On this day in 1958, the (second) Queen of Rock was born (no offence, but Suzi Quatro will always be the first Queen of Rock).

To celebrate her birthday and extensive music career, here are my personal favourite songs.

Change the world, (Sinner, 2006)

Bad Reputation (Bad Reputation, 1981)

Fake Friends (The Album, 1983)

Cherry Bomb (originally The Runaways, 1976 then Glorious results of a misspent youth 1984)


What an amazing career Joan Jett has had. I admire her guts and how she never gave up despite the vile abuse she got in the aftermath of the Runaways’ split in 1979. Not only has Joan Jett been an inspiration to female musicians, but also anyone with a dream and a passion. That’s amazing.


Happy birthday, Joan. Keep rocking!

What is your favourite Joan Jett song? 

Reality TV

The Bachelor is accused of promoting bullying


I haven’t watched The Bachelor much this year. I only watch it if someone else is or when a repeat is shown on a TV in a public place.  So, I can’t tell you much about who’s who, who’s gone so far, who I think should win, etc, etc.

I was outraged after reading this article. An anonymous writer on Mamamia, a self – confessed former school bully, said that The Bachelor Australia, specifically Cat, Romy and Alisha and their treatment of Tenille, reminded her of her bad behaviour in high school.

What the hell is The Bachelor Australia doing promoting bullying? What are the producers and directors thinking?

Media hypocrisy: reporting on and glorifying bullying

It’s no secret what harm bullying can do; to children, teenagers and adults. Recently, there has been a number of cases exposed in the media of young people taking their own lives after being viciously bullied by school bullies and online. And a show that has peaked with an average of 1.25 million viewers nationwide has the nerve to glorify it and use it for ratings?

The girls accused of bullying have proclaimed that they were taken out of context and has blamed editors. All three have also faced a backlash on social media, some of it which has been vile and abusive (which I don’t condone, either).

Whether the cast, producers, directors or editors are to blame, it doesn’t matter. For some reason, The Bachelor Australia has promoted bullying. That’s not OK. It’s not OK to glorify people (of any gender), being cut down, ostracised or be subjected to other bullying behaviour.

Where does the Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) on this? They are the national media body that oversees compliance in the media and telecommunications industries. Not a blip as far as I’m aware.

What does this say about commercial TV as a whole? Due to international competitors such as streaming services Netflix and Stan and cable networks such as Foxtel, the commercial media industry is struggling to maintain decent audience size.. Channel Ten (now part of Win network and recently bought by US’s CBS), faced the reality of going into administration. I can’t believe in glorifying bullying to get viewers and advertisers. Quite frankly, I don’t think it should be allowed.


I guess the most effective revenge is for people not to watch The Bachelor Australia and let their ratings crash. It’s still unsettling how the Australian media industry has allowed it to happen in the first place.


The backlash against Alisha, Cat and Romy has continued. According to Perth Now, Alisha was refused a rose and therefore, exited the show. Fifi Box, Byron Cooke and Brendan Fevola from Melbourne’s Fox FM has cancelled a scheduled interview with Cat with very short notice. Box defended the cancellation saying that she ‘couldn’t in good conscience welcome her [Cat] to the show’.

Let’s hope The Bachelor Australia and other reality shows will get the message that bullying doesn’t pay.

If you are struggling, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636. As always, feel free to post contact details of crisis, suicide prevention or other mental health services in your country/ area, feel free to post that 8nformation in the comments. 


Being comfortable is one thing. But, obesity is always unhealthy

Screenshot of Cosmopolitan UK magazine (October 2018) featuring Tess Holliday
Cosmopolitan UK causes controversy by featuring ‘plus – size’ model, Tess Holliday.


Cosmopolitan UK caused outrage when they featured plus – size model, Tess Holliday. It sparked condemnation both within and outside the UK, with journalist, Pierce Morgan and Herald Sun’s Rita Panahi using social media to criticise the women’s magazine.

According to The Sun, the model is 5 ft 5 (165.1 cm) and 20 stone and 6 pounds (approximately 131.8 kg). This makes Holliday clinically obese.

That is not healthy, no matter how you sugar coat it (no pun intended).

It’s no secret that being overweight affects a person’s health. It can cause heart disease, put a person at higher risk of Type 2 Diabetes and increases a person’s risk of other diseases.

In women in particular, being overweight or obese can impact fertility. Being overweight can cause Poly cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which can throw the menstrual cycle out of whack. Some damage can be reversed by losing even a small amount of weight.


Over the years, there has been an understandable backlash against media and modeling industries for creating unhealthy ideals and expectations put on the public and models. In 2015, Vogue US reported that former model Charli Howard used Facebook to compose an open letter attacking her former agency for unrealistic expectations on both male and female models.


Things are also changing at the top level. Some governments in Europe have legislated standards that the modelling and media industries have to abide by. Last year in France, a law was introduced for modelling agencies to require potential models provide a  medical certificate proving that they are healthy, including at a healthy weight using the Body Mass Index (BMI). Magazines are also required to notify the readers when a photo has been altered. Similar legislation has been introduced in Spain and Italy (minus the BMI requirements).

Some models and modelling agencies are making positive moves and starting to promote body diversity. According to National Eating Disorders Foundation, models and fashion shows, such as New York Fashion Week are starting to encourage agencies promote health and diversity in their models.

More models have also hit back at agencies and events that demand unhealthy ideals. Arna Yr Jonsdottir, who was crowned Miss Iceland, openly condemned the pageant on social media after she was told to lose weight in order to make it in the competition. She refuted the requests by claiming in English that her body was already ‘perfect’.


So, is there even any need for ‘body positivity’ anymore? Even though a lot has happened, I’d still say ‘yes’. There’ll probably always will be. But people turning a blind eye to the health detriments of being overweight or obese is not the way to go. Only promoting physical health, mental health, and self – love will do that. That includes getting real about one’s weight and the health problems that are heightened because of it will do that.

If you have any concerns about you or your loved ones in regard to eating disorders, you can contact Butterfly Foundation on 1800 33 4673 for referrals and brief counselling sessions. 

For those from overseas, you know what you can do. Drop any links or contact information about eating disorder or counselling services in your country/ area.