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Meghan Markle speech: fluff, no substance


Meghan Markle made a video speech at the United Nations’ Girl Up Leadership Summit.

This speech has been criticised. The YouTube video has received more dislikes than likes.


Being the curious cat I am, I listened to the speech myself. I get why the video received backlash.

The upside

I guess it’s good that Meghan Markle has encouraged young people to think about their own impact in the world. It’s always nice to get encouragement to follow what your passionate about.

Whether what she said is reflective of people’s reality is another thing.

Speech not based on reality

The speech reminds me of me in my early 20’s. It was all about dreams. All about big ambitions, with no real insight to what was going to happen or how.

I’m sorry but phrases like “…demanding to own the conversation” and “changing the world” is only going to go so far.

If someone is struggling to pay the bills, keep a roof over their head and buy food to eat, that person is not going to be thinking about these grand goals and visions. That is probably more true now than ever.

If someone is struggling with depression or bipolar and struggling to keep their own heads above water, the last thing they’ll have the strength to do is to transform the mental health system, no matter how badly it needs it.

While I do think police brutality is an issue to discuss, I kind of get some of the criticisms against Black Lives Matter. What are they hoping to achieve by destroying (mostly black.- owned) businesses through rioting? This is during a pandemic that has already smashed economies in the West.

Speech alienates people further

Going by the like/ dislike ratio already, it looks like Meghan Markle’s speech hasn’t won many hearts. In fact, I think it’s done the opposite; making Markle look like an entitled celebrity that barely anyone can relate to.

Unfortunately, I think the speech only dampened Markle’s reputation. It made her seemed more privileged, more entitled and more unrelatable as ever.


Alice Springs Councillor, Jacinta Price has made a comment on her speech and the Black Lives Matter movement. She isn’t impressed.

She is a woman of great privilege who is completely removed from reality and circumstances on the ground. Her lending her voice to the Black Lives Matter movement is silencing the voices of those of those people who are vulnerable to black on black gang violence.

Price is an Indigenous woman who’s family has been rocked by violence. A number  of her relatives have been murdered, or gone missing under suspicious circumstances. According to The Daily Telegraph, Price was visiting another relative who had been bashed.


Ultimately, this is a lesson to all progressives. Being relatable is important. Addressing issues that matter to the average person matters. No fluffy language will win hearts and minds otherwise.


What did you think of Meghan Markle’s speech? Did it resonate with you at all? Feel free to put your thoughts in the comments below.


LGBTQ+ rights conflated with paedophilia… again

Article from Humans are free accusing the UN of 'normalising pedophilia'

When will people get it?

Far – right and allegedly conspiracy theorist website, Humans are free have accused the UN of normalising pedophilia and legitimising sexual abuse. What gave them that idea? Let’s pause for a moment and let’s see if you can guess…

Yep! Humans are free are accusing the UN for legitimising pedophilia because of their fights for LGBTQ+ rights and condemnation anti – LGBTQ+ violence around the world. The article also alluded to transgender people being able to use public toilets that align with their gender identity being a risk to children.

Arguably, the UN could be accused of hypocrisy, considering that LGBTQ+ people can be executed in countries like Saudi Arabia, a member of the UNHRC. And many dictatorial regimes also condemn LGBTQ+ people. But what I object to is the never – ending linking of LGBTQ+ people and pedophilia. No, most LGBTQ+ people don’t have an attraction to children! While people in the 1970’s and 1980’s  claimed there was a link between gay men and child abuse, ‘studies’ used to support these claims have been debunked.

Pro LGBTQ+ organisations have repeatedly condemned the notion that they want to legitimise and condone pedophilia. Two of the latest examples that I’ve come across of far – right activists trying to smear LGBTQ+ people is the (false) news that Minor Attracted Persons (MAPs) have a pride flag and are accepted by the LGBTQ+ community. This caused  outrage on social media from members of the LGBTQ+ community. They vehemently deny any link or any acceptance from the LGBTQ+ community. and from a year ago, the myth of ‘clovergender’; when someone allegedly identifies as a person younger than they are in a bid to get close to and assault children. This, too, has proven to be false.

Why this is important?

Frankly, I almost class these accusations as a form of slander. If these accusations were aimed at another group, including Christians, there would be an outcry. Why do LGBTQ+ people have to put up with these claims again, again and again?

It’s no surprise that stigma and discrimination can harm a person in multiple ways. It can affect a person’s mental health, ability to work and their ability to form healthy romantic and non – romantic relationships.

Studies in the US have found that in many of the major cities, LGBTQ+ people make up nearly half (40%) of youth homelessness. This is despite the fact that they make up less than 10% of the population. There is also the studies worldwide that claim that LGBTQ+ people have higher rates of mental health issues and suicide. I have written about these many times before. This, no doubt, would put strain on the mental health system, including phone counseling services. But that’s not all.

The World Economic Forum argues that stigma also affects workplaces and national economies, with results in loss of productivity and higher rates of unemployment and poverty.

The New York Times

The article also accuses US newspaper/ online publication, New York Times for stating that pedophilia should not be a crime. What the article actually says is not that simple.

Associate Professor, Margo Kaplan wrote that pedophilia should be seen as a mental disorder. That is, the sexual attraction to children should be treated like any mental disorder (to Kaplan’s credit, she didn’t say ‘sexual orientation’). Kaplan argued that this will prevent child sexual abuse by pedophiles.

She also claimed that pedophiles should be protected under anti – discrimination law. Again, she argues that this will help prevent offending. Like other disability exemptions in US disability/ mental illness anti – discrimination acts, schools would be able to discriminate against a person who has attraction to minors.

Kaplan also lamented at the fact that most pedophiles are only offered rehabilitation in the aftermath of a a sexual offence (or a number of offences) against children have already being committed. She believes early intervention can help prevent some of these crimes. Needless to say, this has NOTHING to do with the LGBTQ+ community.


I will continue writing posts about this when I feel I need to. These smears need to be dealt with and stopped. Enough’s enough.