Massacre in Las Vegas

Last night (Sydney time), news broke out that Las Vegas has suffered a massacre at a country music concert at Mandalay Bay Hotel.

The death toll has risen to fifty – nine. This exceeds the death toll from last year’s Orlando Pulse Nightclub massacre, which killed forty – nine. (Both figures exclude the shooters).


The shooter has been named: Stephen Paddock, 64, who killed himself when the SWAT team approached his hotel room. The woman who the police believed to be an accomplice, Marilou Danley, 62, while known to the shooter, had no role in the shooting.


As far as I’m aware, no Australians have been have been killed or injured in the attack.

While Islamic State have claimed responsibility, Las Vegas police suggest that this wasn’t an Islamist attack. Paddock’s brother, Eric, denied that Paddock had any political or religious affiliation.

While not much can be confirmed, Yahoo7! gives a bit of background of the gunman.

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