Wiggles’ cover receives mixed reactions

The Wiggles perform8ng ‘Elephant’ on Triple J’s Hottest 100

Children’s entertainment group, The Wiggles topped Triple J’s Hottest 100 last year.

They covered Tempest Impaler 2012 song, Elephant.

In case you’re wondering, this is the original:



‘Blue Wiggle’, Anthony Field admitted that if ot was up to him, they probably woukdn’ymt have done the song:

As an older guy, I would have said, you know, ‘Let’s do Easybeats’ ‘Friday on My Mind’.

Anthony Field after Triple J Hottest 100 victory

Personally, I thought The Wiggles did a good job. The bass isn’t as heavy as in original. But it’s still catchy. 

However, Triple J audience’s choice hasn’t been without controversy.

The result received backlash

From what I have read, people weren’t happy for two reasons. 

According to The Australian, some listeners took it as a joke.

One social media user didn’t like the winning song came out in 2012:

Ah yes, the hottest song…of 2012. Except it’s worse now.

Other artists that made the Top 100 included: Kid Laroi (real name Charlton Howard), Spacey Jane and Ocean Alley. 

Reasons why listeners found the result problematic

Luke Gurgis from The Industry Observer outlined the problems with the result. These were:

  1. The Wiggles are already established and not underdogs: I get this one. The Wiggles are a much – loved band around the world. At least traditionally, Triple J has been the home for the up – and – coming artists. Not those who are already mainstream.
  2. It wasn’t a ‘protest vote’: I think this relates to the first point. The Wiggles are mainstream. 
  3. It wasn’t satire: I didn’t know it had to be? I get that The Wiggles stayed true to the original. So, no, it wasn’t satire.
  4. Emotional votes don’t make sense: The article argued that the Gen Y voters who grew up with The Wiggles couldn’t have been an emotional vote, since the majority of the original members had left the band
  5. It robbed Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists: Yeah, I can see that. 

Did Triple J pick favourites?

I wrote in my first Patron – only post that The Wiggles were bought by the ABC back in the early 1990’s.

Triple J is one of the radio stations owned by the ABC.

Gurgis said The Wiggles’ win was a “great outcome for the ABC”.

The Like A Version (when artist makes unique covers of others’ songs) “stunt” benefited Triple J (and the ABC). 

The video of the song has already been viewed 3.7 million times as of today (26 January AEST).

So is it only a coincidence that a band kick – started by the ABC won? I’m not sure. To be honest, I don’t blame anyone for having their suspicions.

Maybe listeners wanted nostalgia

I’m guessing most Triple J listeners are of my era (Gen Y). We grew up listening to The Wiggles. Heck, that was the first band I saw live when I was about four!

While on

Y one original member remains, maybe hearing The Wiggles perform may still have been nostalgic. In the current situation, maybe that’s what people need.

What do you think? Do you like The Wiggles’ cover? Should have they won Triple J’s Hottest 100? Drop your thoughts in the comments below.





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